Norton’s Blog

If your not familiar with Norton T. Rat he is a character at The Able Church. Norton came from New York stowed away on a freight ship that came into the port of Green Bay from New York about 5 years ago. He made his way to the Able church where he has been accepted by his friends there. One of Norton’s most favorite things to do is to visit Camp Daniel and help Little Tony keep the sewer system operational. You see Norton is a master plumber and his ability to slip around the sewer pipes makes him very valuable. Norton also has quite a few cousins and friends that live with him and he afectionatlely calls them “the boys” when he talks about his family.

Here is Norton’s latest blog message.

Hi everyone I have been out of sight lately because I have been traveling with friends around the country. But I’m back now and I’m looking forward to our 7th annual Dance 4 Disabilities (D4D). The boys and I look forward to this gig every year as it brings us close to many friends from all over the Green Bay area. And I would be lying if I said that the food wasn’t great as well. So if your not doing anything on Saturday June 4th we’ll be hanging over at the Bay Beach Pavilion enjoying the dancing and the festive ambiance – ah that means party friends.

See ya!