Pastor’s Blog

Avoiding the Rollercoaster of Feelings

We are called to live by faith but sometimes it’s easier to live by our feelings. Living by faith is harder than by feelings because faith means we have to trust God and His word and apply those standards to our lives. Feelings are more tied to how we feel or how others around us are influencing our ability to make good decisions. So, for that reason we just can’t trust feelings to guide us in life. The best of us have flawed thinking when it comes to some things. It may be that we have been tricked by Satan, by someone else, or just because we want something so badly that we’re willing to do anything to get it. We all need the peaceful voice of the Holy Spirit helping us to hear clearly what direction in life to go. On our own, sometimes we’ll get it right and other times we are going to be glad to have the help we need to say or do the right thing. Without that help, we are going to, at some point, say or do something that will later cause us great guilt or feelings of shame.

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