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Where Do You Live?

We can please God with our choices to live in the light.

Just as we chose where we live physically, we choose where we will live spiritually. The Bible makes it very clear that we must choose between two things: living in darkness or living in light. That decision is ours alone to make; no one else can make it for us. We can make good, informed choices on how to live in the light when know why it’s important and what these things look like in our lives.

This week’s message is about living in the light. It includes live worship performed by Amelia Bazett-Jones, guest appearances by Norton T. Rat, Keeping It Real’s Matt Metzler, and, of course, a message given by Pastor Tim and Janice Mandich titled, “Where Do You Live?”.

Just Justin Episode 11: Judgement

We are all going to be judged.

This week on Just Justin, I’m in downtown Green Bay at the Brown County Courthouse. Have you ever been judged by someone? A lot of us have been judged by the way we look or the way we talk. But, have you ever been judged because you broke the law? We have all broken the law. Maybe not any earthly laws, but God’s law. the Bible says that all have sinned. When we die, we are going to be judged not on the good or bad things we’ve done, but on whether or not we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

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