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Pastor’s Blog

Greetings friends of the Able Church.

The construction at Camp Daniel has began as we start our final building before we open our new camp at Little Lake Newton. After 22 years of pounding nails, putting roofs up and applying the Piantine flair for the decorating, we are close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Every summer the most commonly asked question at our summer camp is when will the new Camp Daniel open. In todays world we are used to seeing buildings go up quickly and often when we drive to an area we haven’t been to for a while we’re surprised to see this business or that store or min-mall in a place where there once was an open space.

In the days of the Old Testament large building didn’t go up so fast and in 1 Kings 9:10 it says that it took Solomon 20 years altogether to build the Temple and his royal palace. I think we at Camp Daniel build building more on that pace but hopefully we will be done much sooner with the new dining hall. Our hope is to complete this project in keeping with our campaign goal of 20/20. In 2020, which is just a little more than 18 months away, we hope to have the project complete.

What will make all of this happen? Well actually its you! We have about 1/3 of the cost of the building covered and we are stepping out in faith that the rest will come as we get started with the construction. The amount of labor we will have to invest into the building by volunteers and staff personal depends on the amount of money we are able to raise. If we were able to raise the full amount it takes to have our building partner – Frontier Construction do the work, then things come together much faster and we get to see camp open sooner. We aren’t opposed to working our normal way of building, using volunteer help, except that the progress just takes longer.

I hope you will consider whatever you can do to help us finish this final building project required to open Camp Daniel. We are trusting God for many needs in this process and He has always been there for us. And we are hoping you will be a part of the blessing of seeing 22 plus years of faith come to a historic completion. When we are open our goal is to offer year round help to people with disabilities and their families . If you are wonder how to donate – go to the Camp Daniel Web site and make your donation from there. Thank you for your help and as Dr. Robert Cook used to say: Walk with the King today and be a blessing!

Pastor Tim 


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