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We have a Special Olympics team! Click here to learn more!

Upcoming Events:

December 7th – We will be continuing with week two of our four weeks of Advent. What is Advent and why is it related to Christmas? Great question that you have to come and hear for yourself. Also see the Pastor’s blog for more Advent descriptions.

Don’t forget – We are going through the front doors of Living Hope Church to avoid the sometimes slippery back parking lot. We want everyone to be safe!

December 4th – We have our Special Olympics basketball season at 5:00 pm. Pizza is at 6:30 with Bible Study to follow. This week we are on Genesis 8 with Noah removing the animals from the Ark and God making a promise.

December 21st – is our annual Christmas cookie night. Bring some of your favorite Christmas cookies to share with the group as we celebrate our last Friday night service before Christmas.

December 29th – Camp Daniel Christmas Party. 4-8PM at Camp Daniel. Looking at the possibility of taking a bus from Able Church to Camp Daniel for those in need of a ride or not wanting to drive. Please let me know if you are interested so we can determine if this is cost effective. Cost is estimated at $10 each person.

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