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We have a Special Olympics team! Click here to learn more!

Events for March/ April 2019:

Winter 2019 – if the weather ever looks questionable the first rule of thumb to any cancellation is to check to see if the GB School system is closed down for that day or for that evening. Anytime they are closed during the day, or let out early or cancel their evening events then we are closed as well. Now if we have other reasons to cancel the best way to check on that is through our Facebook page or just call Pastor Tim at 920-337-9395.

March 19th – We have Special Olympics basketball practice at 5:00 and the Able Family Night at 6:30 with Pizza and Bible Study. We will continue our Able Family night with Pizza and Bible Study until the end of May regardless of our end date with the basketball season. Congratulations to the Able Attack II for their 1st place finish at Stevens Point. It’s off to state in Oshkosh in April!

March 22nd  -We have our Able Church Service starting at 6:30. This weeks message is “Can we loose our Salvation?” This question is asked by every believer at one time or another. Check-out the Pastor’s blog on our web site to get some insights on that message but come check-out Able Church on Friday to get a real boost to the end of your week and to find out the real story on wether one can loose their salvation.

April 26th-28th – The Able Church Spring Retreat. The Spring retreat is set and registration is now being done online through the Able web site under the top tab “Upcoming Events”. just place your mouse curser over that tab and you will see appear the registration tab that you will click on to open the start of the registration process. Any questions go on Able’s Facebook page and see Justin’s instructions on how to register for the Able Spring Retreat.

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