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Celebrating How God Made Us

In preparing for this message, I was looking all the way(s) God makes each of us different and I couldn’t believe how big this list can be. We are all uniquely different from each other. Some with blue eyes some with brown, some with black hair others with blond some tall and some short. Not only did God create us with different outside appearances but he also made us with different gifts, personalities, and minds. Yet how many of us would say they are unsatisfied with how they look as a person? How many of us secretly say to ourselves over and over throughout the day, “I wish I was like…”? We have to understand God made us marvelous, and we were created in His image and for His glory. Our life should not be looked at in terms of how we were created, but how we can honor God with how He made each of us. If we can learn to turn the mirror of life not on ourselves but on others, then we will learn the value of becoming not a movie star model but a beautiful person on the inside and a reflection of God.