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Never Give Up Praying

Today’s message is titled “Never Give Up Praying”. We all understand that praying is our opportunity to talk with God about many things going on in our lives. Unfortunately, many people don’t pray much or very little. Can you imagine living in a home with someone you admire and love very much. They have provided you everything needed in life to succeed, and they are there for you whenever you need them. They defend you, guide you, and even look after you in the weary hours of the night when you are sleeping. Even though this person does everything to help you and love you, the communication between you and this person is almost none. Maybe only when things get difficult or challenging do they say much of anything, and even then, it’s out of an attempt to get help. What am I describing here? It’s the relationship between some people and God. They may speak of a love for God and never miss a chance to say so, but they just don’t take the time to talk with Him.