About Us

The Able Church began in 2001 as a monthly fellowship organized by Camp Daniel’s founders Tony and Karol Piantine. We are centered in the disability culture in the Green Bay and surrounding area. Our mission is to bring together the disability community and provide hope and encouragement by helping people to realize that their lives have value and that God loves them.

Our ministries outside of church include Able In Action, where the participants of the Able Church go out into the community to perform acts of kindness that include lawn work, house cleaning and work days at Camp Daniel. As with all believers, we know people with disabilities will receive rewards as described in Revelation 22:12  “Look! I am coming soon! I bring my rewards with me. I will reward each person for what he has done.” There are no limitations to what our community can do, now and in the future, because we serve a God that doesn’t play favorites with some over others. This is explained to us by the apostle Peter in Peter 10:34 …“I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism. 


The Able Church has a strong tie to the disabled community and organizes events as a means of building community. These events include our annual Dance for Disabilities (D4D) planned the first Saturday every June from 5:30-8:3. This event reaches across Northeast Wisconsin for an afternoon and evening of fun brought to a climax with a dance at the historic pavilion at Bay Beach Park.

Several times a year The Able Church will host an evening meal prior to the start of our Friday service. Our goal is to strengthen our friendships with each other while enjoying the great food prepared by our kitchen staff.IMG_0781_75dpi_1024